Mikko Kaukonen is the Chef of The Year 2019

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Mikko Kaukonen from Food Camp Finland is the Chef of The Year 2019.


”Old School”

Lamb fillet and brewing sauce flavored with lamb fillet fat

Street Food -portions:

Vegetable – Grilled Jerusalem artichoke and a foam made from fermented garlic
Seafood – Mussels, shrimps and red curry
Fish – Potato, egg and smoked whitefish



See photos from the 2019 competition by Santeri Stenvall

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The Chef of The Year (Vuoden Kokki) is the national Finnish championship of chefs.
The jury consists of Finnish and international members. Competitors are awarded for taste and delicacy of the food, proper use of raw materials as well as the originality of the various dishes. The contest has sparked many success stories for the winners.

2015 marks also the 20th Anniversary of The Chef of The Year competition. The Chef of The Year competition has been arranged since 1995. The first winner was Mr. Pekka Terävä.

Chef of The Year winners  1995-2019

1995 – Pekka Terävä
1996 – Aki Wahlman
1997 – Michael Björklund
1998 – Petteri Luoto
1999 – Markus Aremo
2000 – Peppi Aralehto
2001 – Henry Tikkanen
2002 – Marko Palovaara
2003 – Ari Ruoho
2004 – Juuse Mikkonen
2005 – Matti Jämsén
2010 – Mika Palonen
2011 – Henri Kotkavuori
2012 – Eero Vottonen
2013 – Erik Mansikka
2014 – Heikki Liekola
2015 – Ismo Sipeläinen
2016 – Toni Kostian
2017 – Mattias Åhman
2018 – Kalle Tanner
2019 – Mikko Kaukonen

Manne Stenros
Chef of the Year winners: (top row from the left) Heikki Liekola, Mika Palonen, Peppi Aralehto, Erik Mansikka, Ari Ruoho, (bottom row from the left) : Pekka Terävä, Matti Jämsén, Petteri Luoto, Henry Tikkanen and Eero Vottonen © Manne Stenroos 2015


The ELO Foundation for Promotion of Finnish Food Culture is responsible for arranging the Chef of The Year competition in Finland. ELO Foundation brings together food culture actors, visionaries and resources to co-operate for the good of Finnish gastronomy in Finland and internationally.

For more information

Bettina Lindfors, Executive Director,  ELO Foundation
+358 40 920 9810, bettina.lindfors@elo-saatio.fi

Kirsi Yazan, Development Manager, ELO Foundation
+358 50 439 3883, kirsi.yazan@elo-saatio.fi


Gold metalist, Mikko Kaukonen, Chef of the Year 2019 / Article picture Manne Stenroos and portion pictures by Santeri Stenvall

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