ELO Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture

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ELO Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture is a non-profit foundation established in June 2009 to promote Finnish food culture in Finland and internationally. We want to bring together the makers, doers, thinkers, dreamers and sponsors of our genuine Arctic food culture.

We work within communications, publishing and training activities. ELO foundation
offers grants for gastronomic studies in Finland and abroad and to private persons, research institutes, educational institutes and organisations for research in the field of gastronomy. The foundation is also responsible for arranging the national Chef of the Year and Waiter of the Year competitions as well as the prestigious Bocuse d’Or culinary contest. We also support other competitions in the field, such as the Better School Food Competition.

We’ll inspire Finnish people to eat together in the year 2017, when Finland celebrates its 100th year as an independent nation. We strive to make our food culture even better and more communal. Our foundation also works to advance knowledge of Finnish wild food and to connect different parties interested in free school meals to spread the word of their uniqueness. We bring out the skill of Finnish restaurant professionals by organising competitions for chefs and waiters yearly. The foundation is also responsible for the Finnish team taking part in the world championships for chefs, Bocuse d’Or.  Our mission is to create a platform for enthusiastic co-operation.

The cornerstones of our strategy involve
– Increasing resources and their proper allocation
– Encouraging bold and ambitious thinking
– Create networks and cooperation within the industry
– Open-minded and innovative activities

We are the people of ELO Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture


Seija Kurunmäki, Managing Director
+358 400 460894


Sini Garam, Creative Project Manager
+358 50 5870929

Board of Directors of the ELO Foundation
Leena Saarinen, Chair
Heikki Antolainen, Deputy Chair
Kasperi Saari
Harri Koskinen
Heikki Valkama
Lasse Lehtinen
Maria Planting
Rafaela Seppälä
Ari Lahti
Pekka Terävä
Vesa Lehto


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