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Christian Angelov is the Waiter of The Year 2020

Christian Angelov from restaurant Finnjävel Salonki is the Waiter of The Year 2020! Christian showed excellent technical skills in the competition and she has great customer service skills, but truly stood out with his confidence and comprehensive ability to give his customers a marvelous experience. He made excellent drink combinations to the dishes served at […]

Waiter of The Year

The Waiter of The Year 2020 is Christian Angelov, restaurant Finnjävel Salonki. He won the competition on the 13th of March 2020 at Gastro Helsinki fair at Helsingin Messukeskus. Waiter of The Year is the Finnish championship for professional waiters and waitresses. Competitors get to show their skills in practice as they serve guests with […]

Chef of The Year

The Chef of the Year 2020 is Lari Helenius, restaurant OLO. He won the honoured competition on the 13th of March 2020 at the Gastro Helsinki fair at Messukeskus Helsinki. Chef of The Year is the Finnish championship of chefs. The contest has sparked many success stories for its winners. Chef of The Year was first held in […]

Lari Helenius is the Chef of The Year 2020

__________________________________________________________________________ The Chef of The Year (Vuoden Kokki) is the national Finnish championship of chefs. Lari Helenius from Restaurant OLO is the Chef of The Year 2020. The jury consists of Finnish and invited international chefs. Competitors are awarded for taste and delicacy of the food, proper use of raw materials as well as the originality of the various […]

Bocuse d’Or 2019 – Finland finishes fourth with a brilliant entry

Finland’s Bocuse d’Or team was awarded fourth place in the world’s most challenging gastronomic competition. The contestant Ismo Sipeläinen, his assistant Johan Kurkela and coach Tommi Tuominen finished the 5 hour 35 minute cooking crucible with style and without mistakes. After one year of preparing for the competition, the Finnish team finished fourth at the […]

Bocuse d’Or 2019 Finland’s dishes mix Nordic ruggedness with the tenderness of winter

Starting at 9am in Lyon, Finland’s Bocuse d’Or team will show what they are made of. The national team aims to take home one of the top three spots in the highly demanding gastronomic competition’s finals. The Bocuse d’Or is the world’s most respected culinary competition. 24 countries from around the world compete in the […]

ELO Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture

Background ELO Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture is a non-profit foundation established in June 2009 to promote Finnish food culture in Finland and internationally. We want to bring together the makers, doers, thinkers, dreamers and sponsors of our genuine Arctic food culture. We work within communications, publishing and training activities. The foundation is also […]


  PRESS RELEASE June, 12th 2018   Christian André PETTERSEN from NORWAY wins the 6th edition of the Bocuse d’Or Europe after two breath-taking days of competition! SWEDEN and DENMARK also step on the podium and we now know the 11 European countries qualified for the Bocuse d’Or Finale that will take place in Lyon […]

Ismo Sipeläinen to represent Finland at Bocuse d’Or

Finland’s 14th Bocuse d’Or contestant was chosen in November 2017 in a tight race. Finland will be represented at the international gastronomic competition by chef Ismo Sipeläinen from Helsinki’s Finnjävel restaurant. The competition kichens were built at the Fiskars Campus in Helsinki where two other chefs, Tommi Tuominen and Benjamin Frostell, also participated in the […]