Webinar: Food education as multiprofessional collaboration in schools, homes and organizations 10.2.2021

Welcome to get excited about implementing food education as multiprofessional collaboration in schools, homes and organizations 10.2.2021. The high-level webinar brings together current national and international research, makes visible the daily experiences of different actors of food education work, and aspires to create a common vision about multiprofessional development of food education in different contexts in Finland and abroad.

Written summary of the webinar Diversity in food education is a resource – Together we can achieve the most!

Time: Wednesday 10.2.2021 at 8.15-12.00 (Finnish time, EET).
Place: Zoom Webinar, will be executed through digital means.
Registration: Register by 10.2.2021 through this link.  
The link for the Webinar will be sent for the participants beforehand, and the registered participants will receive a written summary (public) and link to recording of the webinar after the event (not for public use).
The Webinar will be executed in Finnish and English. 

The broad target group of the webinar include actors and organizations interested in and working with food education, such as professionals of food education, food services and teacher education, developers, researchers, teachers, trainers, decision makers and other key stakeholders. The webinar includes international experts of food education and school meals.

The webinar is organized by the University of Helsinki and ELO-Foundation for Promotion of Finnish Food Culture / National Finnish School Meal Network, in collaboration with the Swedish-Finnish Culture Center Hanasaari. The webinar will be executed as a part of the research project Promoting food sense through school meals (FOODSENSE, 2020-2022), funded by the Academy of Finland. The webinar is also a part of the programme for Finnish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2021.

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PROGRAMME (Finnish time, EET)

8:15 Welcoming words, introduction
Bettina Lindfors, ELO-foundation and Kristiina Janhonen, University of Helsinki

8.20 Opening Statement by State Secretary to Minister of Education Minna Kelhä, Finland
Food education as a way to promote equity and multiprofessional collaboration
8:30 Academic Comment by Professor Päivi Palojoki, University of Helsinki, Visiting professor University of Gothenburg, Sweden
8.35 Definition of food education, research and best cases
Postdoctoral researcher, lecturer Sanna Talvia, University of Eastern Finland
8.45 Food education in schools: why do some school headteachers make this a priority? Headteacher of Washingborough Academy & DeD researcher Jason O’Rourke, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
9.00 School meals – between good intentions and practical constraints
Docent Maria Waling and Docent Cecilia Olsson, University of Umeå
9.15 Q&A Discussion with Sanna Talvia, Jason O’Rourke, Maria Waling and Cecilia Olsson, moderated by Bettina Lindfors, ELO-Foundation.

9.30 The SAPERE-method as a pioneer of Food education in Finland
Secretary General Arja Lyytikäinen, National Nurtition Council c/o Finnish Food Aurhority
9.45 Children and young people’s food education through the food system in Finland
Anni-Mari Syväniemi, Executive director, Ruokatieto Yhdistys ry
10.00 The Tasty School -model for supporting food education in the primary school context
Postdoctoral researcher Tanja Tilles-Tirkkonen, University of Eastern Finland
10.10 Taking students and the school as partners in developing sustainable school mealtimes
Research Professor Minna Kaljonen, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE); Just Food – research project
10.20 Youth work as a resource for food education
Postdoctoral researcher Eila Kauppinen, Finnish Youth Research Network
10.30 Food education in homes and in families with children 
Researcher, doctoral student Kaisa Torkkeli, University of Helsinki
10.40 Summary and comments moderated by Bettina Lindfors, ELO-Foundation.

10.45 -11.15 Lunch break

11.15 PART 3. PANEL DISCUSSION: The keys to multiprofessional collaboration? 
What does food education collaboration mean from the perspectives of different groups of professionals and contexts? What kinds of tools are there presently available to support food education implementation in practice?  How could we strengthen the food educational know-how of different groups of actors in the future? What is a good 
framework for multiprofessional collaboration?

As discussants: 
Helka Körkkö, Project Manager, Home Economics Teachers Union, Sustainable home economics education -project
Marjut Huhtala, Director, Professional Kitchen Experts’ Association in Finland, The School Lunch Diploma and the Flavour Alphabet Diploma, Comprehensive school mealtimes and smart snacks -project
Marjaana Liukko, Director, 4H Finland, Food Education model for primary schools ‘Ruokakoulu-Matskolan
Maarit Laurinen, Board Member, Free School Meal Activist, National Parents’ Association in Finland (Suomen Vanhempainliitto ry)
Hanna Larjavaara, Project Coordinator, Hotel and Restaurant Museum, Food sense in musems -project
Discussion moderated by Bettina Lindfors, ELO-Foundation.

Towards stronger multiprofessional collaboration

Marjaana Manninen, Councellor of Education, Finnish National Agency for Education
School Feeding – investment in effective learning: Case Finland (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finnish National Agency for Education)

12:00 The event ends – thank you!

Additional information will be provided by:
Bettina Lindfors, +358 40 920 9810, 
Twitter @BettinaLindfors, ELO-foundation (programme, communications, speakers contact)
Kristiina Janhonen, 
kristiina.janhonen@helsinki.fi, University of Helsinki/ Academy of Finland

We reserve the right for changes in the programme. 


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