Ismo Sipeläinen to represent Finland at Bocuse d’Or

Finland’s 14th Bocuse d’Or contestant was chosen in November 2017 in a tight race. Finland will be represented at the international gastronomic competition by chef Ismo Sipeläinen from Helsinki’s Finnjävel restaurant.

The competition kichens were built at the Fiskars Campus in Helsinki where two other chefs, Tommi Tuominen and Benjamin Frostell, also participated in the 5 hour 35 minute preselection round.

The task in Helsinki was to make 14 fish dishes served on individual plates, 12 meat dishes served on trays, and two meat dishes served as single servings. The mandatory ingredients were Finnish pike-perch, raw shrimps, duck and duck heart. The competition was close, especially between the first and second place.

Sipeläinen’s first big test will be at the European preselection held in Turin, Italy in June 2018. Ten European countries will then continue their culinary voyage to the international gastronomic finals in Lyon, France at the Bocuse d’Or finals in January 2019. The team starts their season in the beginning of 2019. Sipeläinen has previously participated in Bocuse d’Or as assistant to Matti Jämsén.

– We are currently building the team by looking for an assistant and coach for Ismo. Ismo’s previous Bocuse d’Or experience brings a certain level of competition hardiness, and Ismo is an experienced contestant with the right technical command. The differences in the performances by the participants in the Finnish preselection came down to this competition hardiness , says Matti Jämsén, president of Bocuse d’Or Academy Finland.

Ismo Sipeläinen gained 760 points in the preselection. Tommi Tuominen’s points were 742 and Benjamin Frostell’s 654.

Kuva Emilia Kangasluoma

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